About the Products

Zola Oil Co.

About the Products

We believe in nurturing your body's beneficial bacteria...

That's right. We said bacteria. There are hundreds of thousands of helpful microorganisms coexisting on your skin, in your gut, and all over your body that are a very important part of your natural processes. There are harmful ones too... that's where we come in. 

We believe in using plant and earth based materials to keep those negative microbes and pathogens in check (the ones that make you stink, cause acne, and cause imbalances in your body's microbiome), without killing off the beneficial flora. Zola products employ the medicinal properties of essential oils and pH adjusting elements to suppress the not so helpful microbes, and allow the positive bacterium to remain and flourish; all while conditioning and pampering your skin with naturally occurring vitamins and emollients. 

Ditch the sterilization, embrace the bounty of your microbiota.

All of our products are limited ingredient, earth friendly, cruelty free, vegan, small batch, and hand-blended with intention here in beautiful Denver, Colorado. We use low-known-allergen ingredients (hypo-allergenic) in our products and strive for total transparency for our customers. If you have a specific allergy, please consult the ingredient list of any product before you use it. 

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